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This is my story and how it begins with fillings, crowns, bridges, unable to eat certain foods and a limited smile. Finally, I realized it was time to decide between dentures or implants. After a great deal of thought, dentures were not the solution.

"I obtained all the information I could on IV Sedation and implant procedures. One day I received an advertisement in the mail from Dr. Radomski. I waited several days before making my appointment. The receptionist gave me a warm welcome. I found the reception room and dental rooms very neat and clean. Dr. Radomski was pleasant and explained in full detail about the procedure. I have my implants now. My smile is back and I am able to eat a variety of foods. Dr. Radomski and the staff were wonderful and patient throughout the procedure."


—Richard Johnson, Implant and Sedation Dentistry Patient, Pensacola Retiree.


IV Sedation Dentistry


Conscious sedation dentistry-- Allows you to enter a state of relaxation while staying awake during the procedure.  Although you won't feel any pain, you'll be able to respond to your dentist's questions and commands. As communication is key with any dentist-patient relationship, conscious sedation is an excellent option for fearful dental patients.


Oral Sedation-- Oral medication used for sedation purposes produces a light to moderate effect depending on the strength of the prescription. Oral sedation usually comes in the form of a pill taken an hour before the procedure.  Although you'll be able to respond to your dentist's commands, you may feel sleepy.  Recovery time will take longer, and you'll need an escort to drive you home.  Although rare, side effects may include nausea and vomiting.


IV Sedation-- Like oral sedation, IV sedation is considered moderate. The difference is the drugs are delivered intravenously, producing an effect much sooner. IV sedation also allows your dentist to adjust the level of sedation needed during the procedure.


Whatever the case may be sedation Dr. Radomski can help you be more anxiety free during your dental treatment. His ultimate goal is to make your experience relaxing and enjoyable. Since you are completely comfortable, relaxed and pain free Dr. Radomski can do years of dental treatments in one or two visits.


With sedation Dr. Radomski can  do a Multitude of Dental Procedures for fixing a chipped tooth, replace crowns or placing dental implants. All pain free! 

Dr. Radomski  has a solution for virtually any sedation need.  Find out what most of our patients seem to think is the most clinically effective, safe and cost effective method of sedation.  Call today for your no-obligation consultation


"For the first time in twenty years, I am comfortable enough to be in family photos.  Before I always volunteered to take the photo since I was so embarrassed about my teeth. Now my teeth look so great everyone thinks they are real, Thanks Dr. Radomski!"


—Diana Jackson

Sedation and Cosmetic Denture Patient, Pensacola




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