You've made the right choice to get your dental care done with Dr. Radomski MethodTM Dentistry. Almost every patient that Dr. Radomski sees finds that there is still hope and several options to choose from. After you choose one of Dr. Radomski's exclusive options to permanently solve your problems, you'll feel great about yourself having regained the normal chewing, long-lasting beauty, and comfort that you deserve.

Giving an exact cost for any patient without seeing them is impossible; every person is different and varies in difficulty. The fee for your care will likely be 4-5 times the amount you may expect. A rule of thumb for many patients that solved serious problems, is that for every year they weren't taking care of their dentistry, the cost to play "catch up" from all of those years combined is $1500-2500 PER year multiplied by the number of years that things weren't addressed. (Take your number of years of not addressing serious problems and multiply it by $1500-2500 and you will see your possible cost range; an unfortunate side effect for not getting things done or for ignoring things over time.) Dentistry that works well is expensive but everything is expensive these days. We wish it wasn't true but it is. The good news is that you will have a hard time naming another investment you can make that provides the dividends of a pleasing smile and comfortable chewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The cost for sedation care often starts at $1,000 and goes up based on how serious the problems. For dental implants, the cost starts at $5,000 per jaw for miniature implants securing an already existing perfectly designed denture and goes up from there. For the "disaster" implant or full cosmetic makeover patient, the care averages $15,000 per jaw but in extreme cases can surpass $40,000. Keep This in Mind: Dr. Radomski is the only Northwest Florida dentist who can give you "Teeth in an Hour" with dental implants, who uses Dr. Radomski's exclusive Method of Implant & Sedation Dentistry, who takes care of every dental problem you have in one single office location and who provides you with a warranty. By choosing Dr. Radomski's office you can avoid the inconvenience of running between many different dental offices and the hassle of dealing with too many doctors and staffs which only complicate your care.

About medical and dental insurance: Even though these procedures are considered medically necessary and are scientifically proven, dental plan coverage to rescue the dental disaster patient hardly touches what is needed to get you back to the healthy life of eating and self-confidence you deserve. The objective of the insurance company is to give you the cheapest possible care. This seldom provides for anything beyond basic generic emergency based treatment which is not what Dr. Radomski MethodTM Dentistry is about.

Here are some ways that our other patients
manage their costs and get their care done:

  • Dental Insurance unfortunately only pays a maximum yearly benefit of $1,000-2,000 for your care meaning that the majority of your treatment must come from other sources.
  • Using cash (5%), senior (10%) discounts for payment in full to reduce cost.
  • Dental financing. We have several companies than can finance up to $50,000 for care and in some cases even more based on your credit history.
  • >
  • MasterCard or Visa time payments.
  • Budgeting for your care over several years to make it more affordable. We also offer a "cruise plan" where you pre-pay every two weeks until you build up a balance to start your care.
  • Home equity loans; we can recommend several mortgage brokers to set this up.
  • Loans from 401K/Pension plans; we can initiate this with your HR department; just let us know.
  • Loans from life insurance policies; our accountant's office can help with this.
  • Refinancing an automobile or other asset; we can direct you to several sources for this.
  • Using a medical savings account through an employer's cafeteria plan; we can talk to your HR dept.
  • Gifts or Loans from friends or family members.
  • Medical Insurance in very rare cases may cover some implant care due to car accident or similar trauma. In the unlikely event that your company administers its own plan (self-insured employers), your company administrator might allow implant care; your human resources will know the specifics.

Dr. Radomski MethodTM Dentistry is tax deductible for most patients. Even if you finance your care, you can deduct the full amount in the year that you start treatment. Your tax adviser can help with this.

Dr. Radomski and his team look forward to working with you to give you back the health, chewing, and comfort that you deserve with Dr. Radomski MethodTM Implant, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry

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