Paying Easily for Your New Smile

Everything we do is focused on quality. Imagine going to a medical specialist and always getting Plan B even though you wanted Plan A. Of course, both plans have their benefits, but not everyone gets what they want if they don't have a choice. Our advanced techniques are an investment into the vitality and appearance of your smile. We hope our financing options can help you attain your goals.

Payment Methods

  • Cash, check or Credit Card, authorized payment plan
  • We accept Visa and MasterCard
  • We accept most insurance plans
  • Cash (5%) and Seniors (10%) Discounts available
  • Full payment of services is required at time of treatment - minus any estimated insurance coverage

Monthly Payment Plans

1. Wells Fargo

  • You work directly with Wells Fargo
  • No initial payment
  • Low monthly payments
  • As long as 60 months to pay
  • Low fixed interest rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • $1,500 to $25,000 is available to qualified parties

2. In-Office Financing

  • Subject to credit check
  • Based on how many months your care will take
  • Full payment is required before prosthetic fabrication begins
  • Interest and Interest free options dependent on how long your care will take
  • 25% down payment required at start of treatment
  • In-Office Financing not available for Sedation Dentistry

Insurance Policy

Dental insurance is great! We will gladly help fill out all those complicated forms. We even accept the assignment of insurance benefits so that your out-of-pocket expense can be minimized. Our office insurance expert will evaluate your particular insurance plan and work to get you the maximum reimbursement as long as you bring all your forms and booklets with you. We will need this information and an original claim form before we can bill your insurance company.

Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your account. Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. We process the paperwork and make our recommendations. The insurance company decides what they will pay - our input does not necessarily influence their reimbursement philosophy. Please be aware that some or all of the treatments we have recommended for your smile restoration and health enhancement may be considered non-covered or not reasonable or necessary under your insurance program.

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